The Great Resignation from 9 to 5

There comes a time when it does not matter how much your income is, what position you hold in the company, your house, your car, your promotion, your five-year plan in that organization with the perfect corporate culture where everyone is like a “Family.” Yes, there comes a time when none of this matters because all you have is the exhaustion from 5 hours of sleep, the regret of not having enough time with your loved ones, and the anxiety of deadlines. There’s then also the depression of facing that supervisor who is nothing but a pain. Yet, you cannot say anything except listen to their criticisms and not utter a single word of complaint, holding back tears for not being kind to yourself.

The Great Resignation Begins

There comes a time when your mental health yells ENOUGH! And one fine day, you turn in the great resignation from your 9 to 5 job! If you work in a toxic workplace and hate your job, it is far much worse than not having a job at all. The amount of stress by working in a bad organization is three times more than the stress of being unemployed. This stress then eventually develops into depression. Working for forty or more hours a week with an unappreciative and apathetic boss, unfriendly coworkers, unrealistic expectations, and mind-boggling work is like a slow poison to your mental health. This gets worse when you have no option but to suffer because you have to provide for your loved ones or even yourself. Bad mental health is like quicksand that keeps dragging you in, and a toxic workplace triggers more negative thoughts that keep feeding this quicksand to become more powerful – a vicious cycle. But, there is an escape – a hope for everyone! And that hope is spelled with eleven letters – R E S I G N A T I O N. Yes, it’s scary at first. But if you’re at your tipping point, it might be the best decision you make.

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