About Us

My Blank Job is the only community branded career site that offers professionals a fun place to play work-related games and vent with others. We also offer resources and a pathway to help users find their purpose or make a change in their professional life such as starting a business or side hustle, continuing education, or advancing their career skills.

We believe that everyone needs respite from their job/boss/coworkers to blow off some steam by connecting with others, sharing horror stories etc. We also believe that providing information, resources and tools might serve as that nudge or catalyst to take a small or big professional leap. That's why we built a platform that serves both purposes.

Our site is designed for professionals of all career stages (early, mid or late) that work at all company sizes (small, medium, large) and even those that are happy or unhappy with their current job/career. We aim to provide the entertaining and helpful content and resources on our site.

Additionally, users help define the name of the site every day, just by participating in the Buzzwords game!

Whether our users want to have some fun, get serious about making a change in their career, or both…we are here to help.


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